Tokyo Bloom Babies

Its been a while since I posted anything on here, life in Tokyo is always life in the super fast lane, and whilst sometimes extremely challenging I am forever grateful for every second spent enjoying the incredible culture and nature of this beautiful country. I spent the April/May Golden Week deep in the islands of Hiroshima prefecture and these are recent musings in watercolor of little creatures I imagined might live in the floral explosion that happens every spring in the city and mountainous outdoors that frame the unique landscapes of Japanese scenery. Flowers are never in short supply as the sudden change in seasons sees everything burst into bloom! The bright colors, textures and greens are things I tried to recreate, and hope to build into my next print and illustrative ideas. I`ll post some nature photos soon from my recent escapades, but for now - enjoy and have a beautiful week!


Pink & Festive

One week to go until my little pop up at L for you! Heres a little snippet of some artworks you’ll find :) amongst homemade decorations, cards, jewelry, mini towels and prints, Have a lovely weekend!


Exhibition! & a very long overdue renewal of Rose Petal Deer!

Hello friends! I have so many updates to do, this past year has totally flown by! This year I undertook the biggest creative project yet, creating everything for my wedding (I`ll post more on this later). I also designed many story books & a bus (amongst other things!). Life in Tokyo is incredibly fast paced at the best of times but I am incredibly excited to announce another pop up of my art & goods - albeit one year one, this time in a very exciting location - a vegan cafe! L for you is a wonderful establishment based in Aoyama with locally sourced and environmental and health conscious foods, and a very exciting product range. Being an avid vegan in Tokyo and often faced with limiting options it has been incredibly refreshing to come across them & see a more innovative take on japanese vegan food! I am so excited to bring my deer and jewelry to their space & take the many artworks & creations from the previous year out of hibernation & into the world! Please come along, have a chat, some seriously delicious food & grab something cute! Much love Emily x

Check out their pretty site here :

christmas flyer for exhibition.jpg


So, Its taken me so long to finally get round to re start my blog and link it to my site & shop (all still work in progress but expect many new things coming in the new year)!! December 10th will be my second art exhibition in Tokyo - a cute little pop up shop with two fellow female artists in the heart of the cosy artsy district of Koenji in Suginami-Ku. We all share a love of weird pink shades & I'm super excited to be in one of my absolute favorite neighborhoods in the city! I will be selling my project of the past few months - my very first zine! Alongside this I will have homemade hair poms and earrings all made from handmade yarns from Japan or Bespoke European/vintage ribbons and threads! (a new venture!) If your about please do pop by! I would love to see all your lovely faces! & yes, watch this space! Rose Petal Deer has many things coming soon! Big love and sparkle dust always! xxxxx


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